The Open Level Project 2

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Download tOLP 1

You can download the level from this thread or this one on Distractionware forums, and this thread on the tOLP forums!

You can directly download the level from here too. (Version 1.1.1)


Fixed the bug where the ship teleporter didn't work
Extra checkpoint in Decryptions
Fixed Voon spawning when he's not supposed to.
Fixed a couple of grammar mistakes ("an Sapphire Keycard" and "Lets" which appeared more than I thought)

Fixed a critical bug where you could break the game by using the option to warp to the ship

Fixed a bug where all teleporters would become inactive.
The explosion script no longer repeats.
The end script is now guaranteed to work.
Changed some other small things in the end script.
Added some minor things.
Fixed a bug where you could get stuck in Test Of Platforms.
Fixed warp lines in Ribbon Chess
Fixed a tiling error in Ribbon Chess and Lost Code
Fixed a small text box alignment error.

Removed a debug terminal that a silly dav999 forgot to remove.