Things that went wrong

White instead of cyan?

While making the welcome text box for the new site, I thought it would be a good idea to make the 'NEW' flash.
When I was finished though, there was a slight color difference...

It was supposed to be cyan, but for some reason it's nearly transparent! It looks different on all backgrounds, this is what it looks like on a black background (the above image was on a white background):

Smiley corruption?

Apparently something went horribly wrong while trying to put the smileys on the forum. This was the result:

Glitched smiley order

Making all hidden smileys visible in the more thing now

EDIT: Craaaaap

Yep, at first changing the order of the smileys went terribly wrong, because if I try to move the first smiley on a line, it swaps and mixes the lines together. Glitch in SMF?

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